Permanent-Electro Magnetic Chucks for Work-holding


Permanent-electro magnet technology provides superior work-holding to mechanical clamping systems because set-up time is faster and holding force across the face is uniform, minimising possibility of vibration or ‘chatter’ in the work-piece. In addition permanent-electromagnetic chucks and work-holders leave no residual magnetism in parts because the demagnetising cycle eliminates it.

In addition to work-holders for machining or grinding, Permanent-Electro work-holders are also used to clamp dies in injection moulding machine operations.

In Permanent-Electromagnet technology electric current is only used momentarily during the ‘Magnetise’ and ‘Demagnetise’ operations to activate or de-activate permanent magnetic elements. It is these extremely strong permanent magnet elements which do the clamping and holding work. Further, with Permanent-electromagnet technology once the elements are magnetised, work-pieces cannot be released until the de-magnetise command is given so they are kept secure even during a power outage.

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