Large Area Magnetic Sweepers


Reduce punctures and improve safety with this lightweight Magnetic Sweeper.

Nails, staples, sharps and steel offcuts in parking areas, construction sites, large factories, wharves and cargo areas cause many thousands of dollars a year in tyre and other damage.


Serpent and Dove’s Large Area Magnetic Sweepers (L.A.M.S) come in two sweeping widths, 1.5 and 2.1 metres to provide the answer. Lightweight, yet of robust, stainless steel and aluminium construction, L.A.M.S is designed for deployment using forklifts and they feature a deep-reaching, retractable Rare Earth Magnet Element to ensure no iron or steel objects escape. The Large Area Magnetic Sweeper is retained on forklift tines by use of magnets housed within each forklift bracket. Designed to operate at up to 75 mm from the floor, the L.A.M.S is also fitted with castors at each corner for ease of handling manually to a storage area. In use, operators typically sweep an area in parallel runs at the end of which, collected waste is deposited in a designated area or collection bin by turning the on-board winch handle a few turns.