By Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics Pty Ltd

For quick and easy handling of steel sheet...

Ready for use—this ‘plug-and-play’ magnetic lifter is suitable for steel sheet from 1.5 to 15 mm thickness and up to 3 metres long x 2 metres wide and 60 Kgs.

EasyLift offers a versatile solution for lifting plates with thickness from 1.5 mm. Handling a sheet with traditional methods such as plate clamps and hooks, slings or chains can lead to bending and deformation of the load and may also make the operation unsafe.

With EasyLift the sheet is raised from the top, with ease and without damage. It is ideal for loading laser and plasma cutting tables, greatly reducing handling and turnaround times.

Easylift’s compact size and low weight maximizes crane capacity and allows it to be used in reduced operating spaces.

EasyLift advantages?
• Automatically clamp and lift a single sheet from the stack, without spacers.
• One operator is able to quickly complete pickup, travel and release phases.
• Permanent-electro magnets are not affected by power outages; total safety for personnel and equipment.
• Maintenance free: no need for back-up batteries. No moving parts, no wear.
• Easylift does not leave residual magnetism on the load.