Welders Magnetic Square- Compact Model

By Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics Pty Ltd

Available in Australia from: BOC Gas & Gear, Blackwoods & most Welding Accessory Outlets that stock quality goods.. In USA: ask your welding stockist for Original Serpent and Dove products.

Product Name: Compact Welders Magnetic Square

Product Codes: STCSWMS & STCDWMS (Single or Double)


Welders use this one for smaller jobs like brackets or small diameter pipe and bar. Suits both the trades or handyperson. Improved in 2006 to clamp 20 Kgs (44 Pounds) on 3 mm (1/8") steel. Comes in single or double configuration. Pictured is Compact Double which can clamp workpieces at any desired angle. A very popular unit.


  • Strongest magnetic clamps available.
  • Robust and accurate construction to prevent wobble
  • Maximum recess between side (pole) plates.
  • The Compact has major clamping edges of 85 mm (3.3"), 85 mm (3.3") and 70 mm (2.75") and is 15 mm (0.6") wide. Deep recesses accommodate round material right down to 13 mm (0.5") diameter.
  • Compact comes in single or double configuration (adjustable to any desired angle) and clamps with a force of 20 kg (5.5 Lbs) on machined, 3 mm (0.25") steel plate.