Welders Magnetic Square- Chunky

By Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics Pty Ltd

Available in Australia from: BOC Gas & Gear, Blackwoods & most Welding Accessory Outlets that stock quality goods.. In USA: ask your welding stockist for Original Serpent and Dove products.

Product Group: Welders Magnetic Square

Product Name: Chunky Welders Magnetic Square

Product Code: STCMS


Designed specifically to clamp round pipe and tube, like handrails etc, the Chunky is a must for the welder's toolbox. With twice the width of the Standard Magnetic Square, it also gets a good hold on wide, flat plates. It has a lever release handle to break the magnetic hold from the job and uses specially shaped ferrite magnet element for maximum magnetic strength.


  • Strongest magnetic clamps available.
  • Robust and accurate construction to prevent wobble
  • Maximum deep recess between side (pole) plates to grip pipe and round.
  • It has the same edge lengths as the Standard, is 38 mm (1.5") wide and will clamp with up to 30 kg (66 lbs) of force on 6 mm (0.25") machined steel. Deep recesses maximises range of pipe diameters that can be effectively clamped.