A/T series smart camera

By Datalogic Australia Pty Ltd

The A/T Series smart camera products are standalone, general-purpose, industrialized vision systems inspection systems with especially flexible programming through the IMPACT software. Two product series cover different price/ performance needs: the general purpose A-Series and the extremely powerful T-Series. With models ranging from 640x480 pixel resolution up to 5 Megapixels, IP67 industrial rating, built in discrete I/Os, onboard serial and Ethernet interfaces, the A and T-Series smart cameras can deliver the right solution for your vision systems needs.


• Two product series for different performance and price point requirements

• Multiple imager resolutions to meet your accuracy needs

• Fully capable smart camera for the most demanding applications

• Processing power to keep up with your production line and provide data for IoT

• Industrially hardened enclosure - IP67 rating

• Full Serial and Ethernet communication capability

• Built in discrete I/Os • 90 degree format