P series smart camera

By Datalogic Australia Pty Ltd

The P-Series is an ultra-compact cost effective smart camera offering advanced vision systems functionalities in a fully embedded stand-alone device. The P-Series is available with grayscale or color image sensors with two different resolutions: 640x480 pixels at over 120fps and 1280x1024 pixels at up to 60fps. Lenses and illuminators are fully interchangeable and can be mounted and replaced by the user. Powered by IMPACT, the P-Series is the perfect product to tackle vision systems applications in food & beverage, pharmaceutical and automotive industries where the ease of use, compactness and the price/performance ratio are the most important buying criteria.


• Fully embedded ultra-compact device

• Rotating connectors for 0°& 90° form factors

• Rugged IP67 rated housing

• VGA and 1.3 megapixel resolutions

• Grayscale and color sensors

• Interchangeable lenses, illuminators and filters

• Built-in Serial and Ethernet interfaces