Micro-Epsilon Infrared Thermography

By Bestech Australia
  • Micro-Epsilon Infrared Thermography

For process and product control, Bestech Australia presents the infrared thermography from Micro-Epsilon for the injection moulding production; a system that is based on an infrared camera controls the process and ensures a 100 % quality control.

As well as a wide range of non-contact infrared temperature sensors for fast measurements on sensitive surfaces.  

Measurement systems for contact and non-contact thickness measurement of blown and flat film and extrusion lines are another main emphasis. Micro-Epsilon has the latest model of thicknessCONTROL 8X01.EO, which the system measures the profile thickness based on distance signals and is independent of material constants and surfaces.

It is particularly advantageous with regard to thicker products such as thermoformed films or extrusion lines since it measures with excellent precision with a very large measuring gap. 

Finally, Bestech would like to introduce a new controller unit for the system - idiamCONTROL. idiamCONTROL measures with a non-contact sensor , which is available for various diameters, the inner diameter and thus the wear of the extruder bores.

The new controller unit comes now with a comfortable user interface with touch screen and supports the data exchange via a USB interface.

Bestech Australia is the sole distributor of Micro-Epsilon full range of products in Australia and New Zealand. Please get in touch for more product/system details.