Marine Thermal Imaging Cameras

By Flir Systems Australia

FLIR markets a full range of thermal imaging cameras from handheld to fixed systems. FLIR thermal imaging cameras are rapidly finding their way onto pleasure crafts and yachts, commercial vessels, work boats, fishing boats, cruise ships and many other types of vessels. They help in navigation, detecting other vessels, assisting in overboard rescues, secure vessels in the harbour and in anti-piracy in the open water, and give a great overview of what is happening in the dark.

Types of Marine Thermal Imaging Cameras

FLIR MLS and MS-Series.

These ultra-compact handheld thermal night vision cameras give every boater the power to see clearly in total darkness.  It can be used in many marine applications, whether close to shore or on the open sea. With these extremely affordable units everyone can afford the security of thermal night vision.

FLIR HM-Series Maritime Night Vision Cameras

The FLIR HM-Series cameras produce crisp, high quality images and offer digital zoom, image storage, and an extender lens is an available option.

FLIR BHM-Series of  Bi-ocular Cameras.

The BHM-Series will dramatically increase your situational awareness. By using a bi-ocular the ability to detect faint objects is enhanced. It is easier to hold a bi-ocular steady, an advantage when looking at small objects which are far away. The BHM-Series can be used on all types of vessels but is particularly suited to police and law enforcement boats.

FLIR MD-Series – Maritime night vision system.

This affordable, fixed-mount thermal night vision system helps with steering around obstacles, collision avoidance and finding people in the water at night.  Simple to mount and easy to integrate into existing electronics, MD-Series outputs standard analogue video that can be easily displayed on any monitor at the helm or other monitors on the vessel.

FLIR M-Series - Premium maritime thermal night vision systems

Powerful, flexible, and build to last, the award-winning M-Series is FLIR’s premium line of maritime thermal night vision systems. Available with a variety of sensors and resolutions to meet a wide range of maritime navigation, collision avoidance, security, and search and rescue needs, M-Series is eay to install, integrate, and operate. The rugged pan/tilt enclosure provides a continuous 360  pan and +/-90  titl.

FLIR Voyager Series – Long-range multi-sensor thermal night vision system

FLIR Voyager range’s wide-angle thermal camera that enables vessel staffs to detect other boats or hazards easily, while its long-range 140 mm thermal camera allows for continuous optical zoom on the thermal image. This camera provides an accurate data that one needs to react in time.

FLIR MU and MV-Series – Ultra long-range, multi-sensor thermal night vision system

The FLIR MU-Series is the most technologically advanced thermal night vision system available to the maritime industry today.  It is a powerful, gyro-stabilized multi-sensor, long range, thermal night vision system.

FLIR MV-Series offer a thermal imaging camera equipped with a detector producing 640 x 480 pixel thermal images. It is the more affordable multi-sensor solution.