Mazatrol MATRIX - 6th Generation CNC Controller


Mazatrol MATRIX- The intelligent control solution

As you would expect from one of the pioneers of conversational programming, Mazak’s new Matrix CNC controller delivers elements that take machine control and machining to new levels of efficiency.

Within Matrix are five key elements that distinguish it from other control systems: Intelligent Safety Shield; Virtual Machining; Active Vibration Control; Intelligent Thermal Shield; and new Mazatrol programming functions.

1. Intelligent Safety Shield provides the user with active collision monitoring, whether the machine is used in manual or full CNC mode, resulting in the virtual elimination of collisions and the consequent downtime and costs associated with them.
2. Virtual Machining monitors potential collision points during the creation of the NC program, and as a result the time required to complete the programming operation is greatly reduced.
3. Active Vibration Control uses fine resolution encoders and more powerful servo drives to eliminate the negative effects of machine vibration on component quality. Matrix is able to do this by monitoring and modifying axis movements ‘on the fly’.
4. Matrix’s Intelligent Thermal Shield reduces the effects of heat dissipation by identifying any potential localised areas of heat build up and eliminating them, while channelling heat away from the machine area.
5. Over 100 new programming functions have been created to assist in the programming of the machine by simplifying the process and improving cycle time. They include the Mazatrol Mill-Turn cycle, and the addition of the ability to machine on two spindles and two stations simultaneously.
In addition to these 5 key elements, the key features of the controller are:

    * Users have the capability to control nine axes, with high accuracy machining ensured by a sub-micron (0.0001 mm/0.00001 inch) minimum program increment.
    * The enhanced conversational capability caters for even more complex shapes.
    * Pulse encoders contribute to a high quality surface as does Quadrant Spike Compensation, minimising axis ‘slip-stick’ during machining operations.
    * The Mazatrol Matrix incorporates a 64-bit ‘twin engine’ processor to cope with huge amounts of data generated during machining.

Featured on Mazak Quick Turn NEXUS, Vertical Centre NEXUS, Horizontal Centre NEXUS, Integrex IV series, Integrex e-Series and Variaxis machine tools.