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HSK Toolholders

By SEI Carbide Australia
  • HSK Toolholders

SEI Carbide Australia - Toolholders with HSK taper per DIN STD 69893 are used on modern CNC milling machines of the latest generation.

For coolant through tools HSK toolholders can be equipped with a coolant tube (KSR) that ducts the coolant directly to the cutting tool, hereby avoiding coolant to enter and soil the HSK taper area.

REGO-FIX® Q+ HSK-A toolholders are balanced by design to G 6.3 @ 15,000 min-1, HSK-A 32 toolholders are balanced to G 2.5 @ 18’000 min-1, HSK-E toolholders are balanced to G 2.5 @ 25’000 min-1.

Type H colletholders are ready to accept Hi-Q balancing rings. The balancing rings allow precision balancing to 42’000 min-1.

For highest precision and best results the whole system counts. For that reason all REGO-FIX® components (collets, clamping nuts and tool- holders) are carefully matched to fit together. This guarantees lowest T.I.R. and maximum balancing. For best manufacturing results and longest tool life, please use REGO-FIX® toolholders together with

REGO-FIX® collets and clamping nuts only.

For highest clamping force, as required for tapping with GB collets or ET1 collets we recommend REGO-FIX® friction bearing nuts. REGO-FIX® end mill holders and universal shell mill/face mill holders are manufactured to the same exacting standards as all other REGO-FIX® products.

For all HSK-A toolholders following coolant tubes (KSR) can be used:


    Quality of HSK Toolholders:

    • Made to ISO 9001; DIN STD 69893
    • Product consistency and worldwide acceptance

    Material of HSK Toolholders:

    • High tensile strength case-hardened steel
    • Reduced wear and increased life

    High Precision of HSK Toolholders:

    • Hollow taper accuracy to AT3 tolerances
    • Better spindle-to-holder fit and accuracy

    Q+ Balancing of HSK Toolholders:

    • Form A: G 6.3 @ 15’000 min -1 , HSK-A 32: G 2.5 @ 18’000 min -1, Form E: G 2.5 @ 25’000 min -1
    • Ideal for all applications including high-speed

    Hi-Q Balancing System of HSK Toolholders:

    • Ready to accept Hi-Q balancing rings.
    • System balanceable to 42’000min-1

    Thread of HSK Toolholders:

    • For back-up screw

    Marking of HSK Toolholders:

    • Type and size markings easy to read
    • Reduced tool selection errors

    Product Traceability of HSK Toolholders:

    • Lot number marked on toolholders
    • Quality control and accountability

    Matched Tooling System of HSK Toolholders for Best Fit:

    • ER collet, toolholders, clamping nut and spanner all from REGO-FIX®
    • Whole system stands for highest precision and longest tool life

    Finish of HSK Toolholders:

    • Special thread design
    • Easier threading

    Surface Finish of HSK Toolholders:

    • max. Ra 0.25
    • High clamping force

    Runout of HSK Toolholders:

    • O.D. to I.D. max. 0.003 mm
    • Better machining results