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By Treotham Automation

Treotham Automation supplies Wieland, Pilz and Reer Programmable Safety Controllers that offer all the benefits of traditional controllers but replace the hard-wired relay systems. They allow standard and safety related programs to exist is a single controller framework to make the programmers more flexible and easy to use. Treotham provides a range of programmable controllers including:

  • PNOZ Multi
    • PNOZ m1p/m0p
    • PNOZ mm0p
    • PNOZ m04p
    • PNOZ mc1p
    • PNOZms2p
  • PNOZ Multi 2
    • PNOZ m Bo
    • PNOZ m EF 16DI
    • PNOZ m EF 4DI4DOR
    • PNOZ m ES ETH
  • Wieland Samos Pro
    • Can process up to 96 safety inputs and 48 safety outputs
    • Monitors all types of safety sensors
  • Wieland Samos Pro Compact
    • 45mm width
    • Can be used for up to 168 inputs and outputs
    • Exchangeable program memory of 512MB
  • Reer Mosaic
    • Can monitor several safety sensors and commands
    • Monitors all types of safety sensors

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