Loadcells – PM 30870, Container Loadcells

By AccuWeigh

The PM Onboard Loadcells, model 30870 and the optional Twistlock assemblies are ideal for fast and accurate weighing of shipping containers.

The loadcells are mounted on the truck chassis and the shipping container is locked onto the loadcells by the twistlock assemblies to provide an accurate and durable mobile weighing system without causing double handling.

The loadcells are connected to a loadcell summing box which relays the analogue weight signal to a PM 1200 digital weight indicator for conversion into a digital weight reading for display to the operator.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company and is the exclusive Australian distributor for the PM Onboard range of truck scales and loadcells. Accuweigh has branches in all mainland states to provide local sales and service across Australia.