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Tue Jun 25 2019

LC-1205 Series Tension / Compression Load Cell

By A&D Weighing

 'S' Type load cells suitable for both tension and compression applications. Capacities range from 20kg to 5000kg. Construction materials are aluminium (low capacity) and tool steel. Easy installation and calibration. Radial bearing pop ends are not included with the standard product.

Features of LC-1205 Series Tension / Compression Load Cell:

  • Dual guided cantilever & shear beam design
  • Rated output 2mV/V ±0.5%
  • Maximum safe overload 200% of rated capacity
  • Compensated temperature range -10~+60 degrees C
  • Compact, light weight and easy to handle
  • Moisture proof
  • Input resistance approx 400 ohms
  • Output resistance 350 ± 3.5 ohms
  • Linear in both tension and compression