Lighting Gaskets

By Jehbco
  • Lighting Gaskets

Silicone is a quality, long lasting product that is ideal for the lighting industry. Its properties are second to none, with a wide temperature range of -40 degrees C to +250 degrees C continuous. The product is UV stable which makes it a very stable product, even under the harshest conditions.

If you are looking for a solution to your silicone sealing needs, then Jehbco can offer you an answer, whether it be standard o/rings or custom made seals. We specialise in silicone only and have over 2,000 extruded shapes on record, including sponge silicone (very popular in the lighting industry) and solid silicone in a variety of hardness, ranging from 25 shore A up to 80 shore A. These can be joined into almost any cut-length for your seal and o/ring requirement.

Jehbco has been supplying the lighting industry for over 30 years. Our gaskets can found in almost all NSW traffic lights, most outdoor lighting in throughout Australia and even in the Sydney Cricket Ground lights just to name a few. We only use 100% silicone without the addition of fillers which means you are getting the most out of your Jehbsil product. You can even add heat stabilising materials to further increase your silicone longevity.

Many years of expertise are associated with our fabrication department. We use a heat press vulcanisation process to give the seal a strong bond which gives flexibility when joining different cut-lengths. Certain o/rings can also be moulded to suit your needs.