LX Series Lever Hoists

By PWB Anchor Limited

Complementing the Lever Hoist range are the lightweight LX003 and LX005 models. Compact and portable these 250kg and 500kg capacity units are an ideal lever hoist for lifting, lowering or positioning of loads and can be carried or stored in your toolbox. Optional lift heights also available.
Standard features include:
• Compact and Light.
• Easy to carry and easy to use, even in tight quarters or in elevated work locations.
• Fasteners are designed to protect threads from damage making maintenance easier.
• Nickel plated chain.
• The hook latch is highly resistant to deformation and damage.
• Single-step reduction gear, requires manual fastening force and assured load holding. Reliable load fastening can be provided to the last click of the lever.
• LX003 comes complete with belt bag.
Australian Standard: AS1418.2