PRONOMIC Mini Stackers

By Maverick Equipment


Load capacities of 90, 125, 175, 225 kg

Select from an extensive range of models with complete flexibility. Individually

design your Lift&Drive up to 225 kg modularly and for the specific handling tasks and location. All of this with the best load capacity to tare weight ratio.

Variable lift masts

Lift masts are available in a range of lengths and customisation is also available down to the precise millimetre. Adjust the total height and the required vertical travel

optimally to the handling heights and the spatial conditions. Alternatively it is even available as a telescope lift mast for double the vertical travel.

Variable widths and chassis types

With the variety of widths and chassis types available you can adapt your Lift&Drive to a specific handling application. Variable in the widths, heights, and lengths of the chassis, the design of the rollers, and even customized chassis designs. Your Lift&Drive is adapted to your needs, handling procedure, and surroundings - not the other way around.


Our surface and finishes provide a protective coating and visual appearance at the same time.

- The typical PRONOMIC blue powder coating

- The hygienic design - stainless steel/aluminum anodized