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Arm Lift: Ergonomic Lift & Tilt Device

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • Arm Lift: Ergonomic Lift & Tilt Device

Arm Lift can position pallets, wire baskets and containers at the most comfortable working height and angle.

ArmLift with simultaneous lift and tilt is the ideal choice for almost any application that involves working with parts on pallets and in containers.

Lift and tilt are achieved with a single mechanism making Arm Lift an economical alternative to conventional lift and tilt tables that require separate lift and tilt mechanism.

Because Arm Lift tilts down instead of up like most tilters it is especially well suited for use with oversized baskets and containers.

They are available in standard & zero height versions. A pallet truck can access the zero height version.

A safety trip bar is installed under the perimeter of the deck to prevent accidental damage or injury.