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Tue Mar 26 2019

Universal 250 Binlifter

By R.J Cox Engineering
  • Universal 250 Binlifter

  • Safe lifting capacity of 250kg
  • Lifts 80L, 120L, 140L and 240L bins
  • Simple push button operation
  • 12V rechargeable battery

The Universal 250 is a push button unit with a complete safety cage that aids in the lifting and empting of wheelie bins into dumper bins.

When employee safety is paramount the Universal 250 is the model for you. Completely Australian safety compliant, the safety cage and extra guarding adds extra protection for users.

The Universal 250 is the ideal unit for heavy weight and regular lifts. The push button operation eliminates all of the manual handling and associated risk.

Designed to lift up to 250kg at a time, the Universal 250 is perfect for supermarkets, retail outlets, waste disposal companies and event organizers that are required to empty the wheelie bin numerous times throughout the day.

It is a simple process of pushing the button to lift and empty the bin in a 40 second cycle. It operates on a 12 volt rechargeable battery which ensures the unit is completely portable.

The Universal Binlifter has been designed and manufactured in Australia to Australian safety standards. The design ensures the entire process is straight forward, effortless and dependable.

Introduction of the module is supported with an installation and operation DVD and an operating manual. Onsite training can also be arranged.