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Spring Balancers


Standard Features

  • Comprehensive choice of models
  • Premium quality product range
  • Products sourced from PWB Anchor approved suppliers
  • Subject to rigorous PWB quality approval inspection procedures
  • Backed by PWB Anchor technical support and warranty


  • Improved working efficiency and reduced fatigue
  • Decreases possibility of strains and other workplace injuries
  • Affords better use of work space
  • Allows for consistent, efficient placement of tools
  • Prevents damage to tools
  • Flexible placement

Designed to compensate for the weight of work tools, components and equipment, PWB Anchor’s range of Endo Spring Balancers are ideally suited for suspending welding guns, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic tools, and for supporting assembly components during manufacture.

Featuring lightweight PVC bodies on the EK-00 and EK-0 models, this superior range of spring balancers has been designed for general purpose use across all industrial applications. The EK-11, EK-12 and EK-13 models have been specifically designed for heavier load capacity, and in the event of spring breakage, feature stopper devices as standard equipment.

A general purpose range of spring balancers designed for intermediate load capacities, all models in the EW Series range incorporate standard stopper devices in case of spring breakage, and secondary support hangers as an additional safety precaution. The cartridge type spring rope lock makes replacement of cables or springs a simple operation.

The ETL Series of balancers is ideal for applications requiring additional stroke length.

Also featuring extended stroke lengths, the ELB Series range is available in a heavier range of load capacities than the ETL Series.

The RSB Series incorporates a ratchet system enabling the balancer to be locked in any position. When engaged, the drum brake mechanism prevents the balancer from pulling the load upwards, while at the same time enabling the load to be pulled down. When disengaged, the balancer acts as a regular spring balancer.

The Air Tool Balancer range utilises an air hose as the load carrying device rather than a separate wire rope, thus preventing the twisting of wire rope and hoses. The hose is made of urethane and the rotary joint is an O-ring sealed type.

Featuring a long cable travel and ratchet system, the range of ER Series torque reels is ideal for hanging pendant switches and other similar applications.