Safetech Goods Hoists

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • Safetech Goods Hoists

These goods hoists, or freight hoists as they are often described, are suitable for mezzanine and multi level applications.

They are available, in straddle, cantilever or four post configurations and all afford fast and efficient transport of goods whilst utilizing a minimum area of floor space.

The platforms are also available with conveyors for automatic loading and unloading. Units are available that service two or multiple levels, with capacities from 500 to 7000kg.

Control stations, with an emergency stop at each level is standard. Safety, velocity fuses and safety cams prevent uncontrolled descent. The carriages will not move if they are loaded to more than 120% of rated capacity.

They have Safedeck carriage locks, as standard on series M20 and optional on series MM and MFM hoists. These are ideal to support up to 6000kg during forklift loading at upper levels.