Lifting, Tilting and Rotating - Tilters

By Safetech Pty Ltd
  • Lifting, Tilting and Rotating - Tilters

Safetech tilters are an ideal way to accurately and safely position work. They allow containers to be tilted gradually so that parts and work are presented to an operator at an ideal height. Crates, stillages, rolls of plastic film or cable have all been safely handled with our tilters.

Safetech Tilters and tilting tables provide safe, ergonomic materials handling
Available in several different models;

  1. AT 90 degree models often usedfor tilting rolls of plastic or steel coil from vertical to horizontal
  2. AT 45 30 - 45 degree tilters to improve access into bins. Can be stand-alone or incorporated in lift tables where vertical adjustment further improves ergonomics.
  3. Lo Level Cold Store 90 degree tilters for tilting loads of frozen goods so separating sheets can be easily removed. These have incorporated hydraulically adjustable top plattens. Low Level model for pallet truck access and 150mm high for forklift load/unload only.
  4. Lift and Tilt Tilting tables placed on top of a Safetech lift table


  • Parts assembly.
  • Access to parts in bins.
  • Tilting of rolls of plastic, paper or steel
  • Crates, stillages access
  • Cold Store tilters for dunnage sheet removal
  • Change orientation of goods (stand-alone or within a production line)
  • Tilt containers of liquid towards outlet drain
  • Tilters offer a safe controlled tilt of heavy and valuable items. Forklifts are often used instead, which is uncontrolled, dangerous and can results in expensive damage to product


  • Wide range of platform options including V-shaped cradle on one platform to support a roll of steel coil that is on a pallet and needs to be tilted to horizontal, ready to be paid out. Gravity rollers on the deck
  • Platform can have removable cradles that can be taken away by hand pallet truck.
  • Durable construction.
  • Available up to 2 tonne and with 90 degrees of tilt Safetech can customise tilters to fit your application.

Can be purchased as stand alone tilters or as a tilting deck on a Safetech lift table.

Safety bars are standard.