Lifting, Tilting and Rotating - DC Power Lifting Trolleys

By Safetech Pty Ltd
  • Lifting, Tilting and Rotating - DC Power Lifting Trolleys


DC Lift Trolleys offer 100 & 250kgs of lifting force at the push of a button.

They eliminate the need for manual pumping and provide a safe, clean, powered lift that is quiet and ideal when hydraulics can't be used.

DC lifting trolleys use a linear actuator and a Safetech developed battery box that powers up to 150 lifts per charge.

Large diameter, low friction castors make the DC Lift Trolleys easy to move, highly manouverable and ideal for office or factory use.
Powerlift DC lifting trolleys now offer four models:

  • DC250 - with 250kg of Lifting Force
  • DCD100 - the double scissor lift option for when a higher lift is required

How does the DC Scissor Lift Trolley work?
The DC Lift Trolley is a small Scissor Lift Table that uses a linear actuator as the lifting mechanism. This eliminates hydraulic fluids or oils and provides a quiet, steady lift force.

A high duty cycle, rechargeable battery supplies the power and a push button controller makes operating the DC Lift Trolleys effortless.

Wheels are polyurethane with fixed front rear castored for easy mobility. DC Lifting Trolleys are powder coated for a quality finish and the actuator is rated IP54.

Suitable for all general trolley applications but especially those where hydraulic contaminants can't be tolerated such as offices, vets and medical clinics.

DCD 100 is ideal for shelf stacking.

With the wheels removed the DC lift trolley can be used as a static lifting platform -see below a dog grooming table


  • Custom paint finishes
  • Stainless steel skins
  • Made to order deck sizes
  • Side walls, platform lips, rubber mats
  • DCD 100 provides lifting heights up o 1500mm.
  • IP56 Rated Actuator available.
  • A static base frame can be supplied for use as a stable lifting platform.
  • DC 250s have been adapted for use as baby change tables in day care and creche facilities.

DC Lift Trolleys are very safe to use but as with all scissor mechanisms care must be taken to avoid any entrapment as it is operated.