ATEX Hoists

By Hasemer Materials Handling

Explosion Proof Hoist

This particular GIS model meets the highest standards set for use in industries where combustible gases and dusts are present.

The chain hoists are compliant with ATEX directives. Entry of gas or dust is avoided through an overpressure in the housing.

When loss of pressure is detected, power is cut immediately. These specialist chain hoist units are used to work in hazardous situations such as sawmills, munitions depots, and food processing areas.

Two models are available:

Dust execution:

Ex II 3D IP T130oC

  • Equipment group II
  • Equipment category 3
  • Zone 22 (D)
  • Temperature class = less 130o motor with Klixon

Gas execution:

Ex 11 3G EEx II nZ T3 and Ex II 3D IP T 130degC

  • Equipment group II
  • Equipment category 3
  • Zone 2 (G) 22 (D)
  • Temperature class = T3 motor with Klixon
  • With overpressure surveillance