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Tue Jun 25 2019

ElektroPhysik Quintsonic Coating Thickness Gauges

By S I Instruments

SI Instruments - ElektroPhysik is a leading manufacturer of coating thickness testing gauges, as well as offering a broad range of products for your finishing related quality control needs.

Their product range includes; colour, gloss, opacity, film application and a whole variety of physical tests.

  • In addition ElektroPhysik specialise in areas such as:

  • material thickness testing for the bottling industry

  • online/real time material thickness testing of sheet goods

  • road thickness testing of asphalt surfaces

  • porosity detection, on-site and online

  • material thickness and hardness

  • surface roughness

The Quintsonic uses the ultrasonic measurement principle that makes it possible to measure coating thickness measurement on any materials, wood, glass, plastics, you name it!!!

Even multiple layer measurement is possible with this pocket sized instrument.

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