LED Vandal Proof Light - LumenRay XVP

By Aerospace & Defence Products
  • LED Vandel Proof Light - LumenRay XVP

The LumenRay XVP is the answer to efficient lighting for extremely harsh environments. This innovative unit was designed and developed from the ground up based on a specific request from the Cook County Correctional facility to provide them with vandal proof lighting that would withstand the daily maltreatment from prison inmates.

This is a challenging operational environment where inmates typically tear apart light fixtures, store illegal contraband inside of the fixtures, use fixture components as tools or weapons and frequently throw objects directly at the fixtures in attempt to break them.

Designed to withstand maximum abuse, the LumenRay XVP also combines advanced LED technology to provide a brighter light while consuming less energy, with each unit consuming about 40 watts of power, and providing longer life. Energy savings and longer life are important, but the LumenRay XVP is all about ruggedness. We engineered the housing from aircraft grade extruded aluminum and combined that with an impact resistant polycarbonate lens that is 250 times the impact strength of glass. All of this yields a light fixture that can survive the most demanding environments.

But that wasn’t enough. We developed a patent pending mounting and installation hardware method that creates an impenetrable light fixture. All of these features combined make the LumenRay XVP the most secure and energy efficient design on the market today.

The LumenRay XVP can be used in a host of different applications such as correctional facilities, parking garages, healthcare/psychiatric facilities, military bases, schools, airports and other facilities that require vandal proof lighting, giving the facility manger the peace of mind that their investment is safe from damaging abuse and saving them money in energy costs.