Rotary Leak Inspection Systems | ALPS NexGen

By HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies

The new NexGen Rotary Leak Inspection System is proving to be a popular choice with plastic bottle blow moulding, metal container, composite container and dispensing closure manufacturing companies worldwide, with more than 75 units sold since its recent launch.

The NexGen Rotary Leak Inspection System utilising encoder based timing and patented speed compensation technology performs functional tests on plastic containers and other products to ensure they seal and can hold pressure. The system eliminates issues particularly related to current generation light-weight bottles that use recycled materials where there is an increased probability of 'micro-leaks'.

The NexGen seals and pressurises every container with a test probe - performing a decay timed pressure test - and can test from hundreds of milliseconds to several seconds on the container or closure depending on the level of testing required. It has a detection range from 0.1mm diameter and detects defects such as:-

  • Gate pinholes and cracks
  • Laser coding holes
  • Contamination holes
  • Thin wall holes
  • Short shots
  • Seal surface nicks
  • Malformed bottles or containers
  • Weak bottle shoulders or base by utilising the top-load test option

The NexGen machine is available in configurations from 4 to 30 heads, designed to meet specific speed and sensitivity requirements and has a speed of up to 60,000 bph. They are ideal for lines ranging from 50-1000cpm, and are currently being used on FMCG production lines worldwide for food, beverage, household cleaners, automotive products etc.

Product changeover takes as little as ten minutes, with quick lock - no tool change parts and they have integrated air blow-off ejectors and standard reject verification.

ALPS have installed Leak Inspection Systems with nine of the top ten North American bottle blow moulding companies and have an installed base of 10,000 plus leak testing circuits globally including their product range from the single head linear machines to the NexGen high speed rotary systems.

ALPS (Air Power Logic Systems) is represented in Oceania by HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies.