Components and assemblies; leak testing

By Bestech Australia
  • Components and assemblies; leak testing
  • Components and assemblies; leak testing
  • Components and assemblies; leak testing
  • Components and assemblies; leak testing

Components and assemblies ranging from automotive radiators, gas appliances, valves, medical devices and vacuum cleaners must be tested as “fit for purpose” during manufacture where Furness controls comes with the right test solution for leakage, flow rate, blockage etc.
Solving your leak detection problems, we provide “one-stop service”, everything from tooling, automation, fixturing to data collection all in the selection package.
Modern production line techniques have raised automatic production to a very high level of integrity and tolerance. Yet at many stages of the manufacturing cycle items still have to be inspected by old laborious methods to prove such defects as porosity, cracks, faulty assembly, poor seals, poor fit etc. Slow inspection means sample testing (instead of 100% testing), with a level of production faults finding their way onto the market. In other cases 100% testing means using skilled personnel. The constant drive for efficiency and quality, and in some cases the tightening of pollution laws have increased the need for automatic inspection in the area of leak testing.
A leak detector can be used to measure either pressure loss (in rate or in volume) or the flow of air (gas) to make good the loss. The first is referred to as pressure decay leak detection and the second as flow leak detection. Where the shortest possible test time is a requirement, pressure decay will be faster than flow, as an equilibrium state has to be obtained for the flow technique.
Bestech Australia partner with Furness Controls who has more than 40 years’ experience in leak test technology, provides solutions for the measurement leakage in production components and sub-assemblies.