Cobra and Scriba Advanced Laser Marking Options

By 600 Machine Tools Australia
  • Cobra and Scriba advanced laser marking options
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Cobra and Scriba advanced laser marking options
All Electrox laser marking systems are configured for optimum operation as standard
With Cobra and Scriba laser marking systems Electrox offers a number of advanced options to ensure maximum performance in the most demanding of laser marking applications.
Advanced beam handling options offer the ultimate in control over marking quality and speed.
Product range:
Programmable aperture - dynamic control of the beam diameter from within the software during the laser marking process 
Auto zoom beam expander– software control over spot size and power density 
High speed galvanometers – up to twice the performance of conventional designs
Beam expander
Auto Zoom Beam Expander
Ultimately the smallest spot sizes and highest energy densities are achieved by maximising the diameter of the laser beam on the scanning mirrors prior to focusing.
The Electrox Auto Zoom Beam Expander provides control over the beam diameter from within the marking software.
Not available on Cobra V-12/20
Prog. aperture
Programmable Variable Aperture
Controlled through the marking software, the Electrox Programmable Variable Aperture allows dynamic variation of the beam diameter during the marking process.
By choosing different spot sizes for the outline and the fill, for example, designers  can achieve sharper corners in the images produced within reduced marking cycle times.
Not available on Cobra V-12/20
High speed galvos
High speed galvanometers
High speed galvanometers enable marking at up to 10,000 mm per second , equivalent to 1,000 characters (1mm high) per second. That is up to double the performance of conventional designs.