Work Piece Handling Options

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Work piece handling options
With laser marking there is no physical contact with the work piece.
Therefore the tooling required is largely for positional purposes and this falls into two principal categories - rotational and linear (xy) positioning.
Rotary work piece handling and xy positioning can be supplied to provide a turnkey solution.
Product range:
Rotary work piece handling 
Enables marking on the circumference of cylindrical componets
xy positioning 
Enables sequential placement of components within the marketing field
  • Low profile 150 mm rotary table
  • 3 jaw chuck or 5C collet
  • Speeds up to 115 rpm (laser controlled)
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Anti-backlash belt drives
  • Angular resolution down to 9"
xy positioning
  • Travel up to ± 150 mm × 150 mm
  • Loads carried up to 90 kg
  • Positional accuracy 60 µm
  • Positional repeatability ± 5 µm
  • Speeds up to 78 mm per second (laser controlled)
  • Hard shell covers protecting bearings and drive assembly
  • Centreless ground rails and re-circulating ball bearing bushes