Razor CO2 laser marking systems

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Razor CO2 laser marking systems
The Electrox Razor. is a CO2 laser marking system optimised for marking glass, wood and a variety of plastics materials, including transparent or translucent finishes.
Razor extends the range of materials that can be marked to include wood, glass and transparent plastic.
Product range:
Razor laser marking systems are available as a 30 or 50 Watt device to provide plenty of processing power to cover a wide range of marking applications.
  • Laser Type: CO2
  • Wavelength: 10.6 µm
  • Pulse Frequency: up to 25KHz
  • Operating Modes: modulated CW
  • Marking Areas: 85-133 mm diameter
  • Max. Marking Speed: Up to 5,000 mm/sec
  • Operating Temperature: Up to 40o C non-condensing 
  • Resonator Construction: Fully sealed against ingress of dust
Main Functionality:
  • User-friendly graphical interface 
  • Fully compatible with all current versions of Windows 
  • Fast file transfer to the laser 
  • Multiple file import formats 
  • Bar codes 
  • Two dimensional codes including Data Matrix 
  • Automatic serialisation 
  • File input programming (Mail Merge) 
  • Date coding 
  • Fill editor 
  • Motion control (4 Axis) 
  • Multiple I/O interface
ES compact free standing workstations
Free standing workstations available with universal enclosure and sliding door or indexing turntable with safety light curtain.
Handling options including programmable z-axis, rotary, xy positioning and vision options according to model
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