Scorpion Rapide Yb:Fibre laser marking systems

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  • Scorpion Rapide Yb:Fibre laser marking systems
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Scorpion Rapide Yb:Fibre laser marking systems
The Electrox Raptor is powered by EF Technology, a revolutionary new laser platform uniting the very best of existing technologies with the very best of the new.
Providing near perfect beam quality and stability Raptor is ideal for marking plastics (especially for removing highly reflective coatings from delicate substrates) and metals.
The Scorpion Rapide offers unprecedented ruggedness, reliability and low cost of ownership
Product range:
The Scorpion Rapide is available  as a 12, 20 or 30 watt marker and meets the need for enhanced graphics capabilities.
The Scorpion Rapide systems are each backed by 2 years warranties.
  • Laser Type: Yb:Fibre
  • Wavelength: 1060 - 1080 nm
  • Pulse frequency: CW, 0.1 to 100kHz
  • Operating Modes: CW or Pulsed
  • Marking Areas: 85-350 mm diameter 
  • Max Marking Speed: Up to 10,000 mm/sec
  • Operating Temperature: Up to 40o C non-condensating
  • Resonator Construction: Fully sealed against ingress of dust
Main Functionality:
  • User-friendly graphical interface 
  • Fully compatible with all current versions of Windows 
  • Fast file transfer to the laser 
  • Multiple file import formats 
  • Bar codes 
  • Two dimensional codes including Data Matrix 
  • Automatic serialisation 
  • File input programming (Mail Merge) 
  • Date coding 
  • Fill editor 
  • Motion control (4 Axis) 
  • Multiple I/O interface
MaxBox, E-Box and D-Box compact tabletop workstations
Free standing workstations available with universal enclosure and sliding door or indexing turntable with safety light curtain
Handling options including programmable z-axis, rotary, xy positioning and vision options according to model
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