Marvel Fiber Laser Machine (Australian Controller)


Farley MARVEL Fiber Laser Machine with Australian ANCA Controller


- Farley Marvel Fiber Laser Machine
- *New Australian ANCA CNC Controller
- Cutting Table 1.5m x 3.0m Cutting Area
- Transfer Cutting Table 1.5m x 3.0m
- Farley Raycus 3.3kW Fiber Laser Source
- Laser Consumable Kit (value $2,000.00 + GST)
- Industrial Water Chiller
- Metallix V17 CNC CAD/CAM Professional Software (Australian Professional Training)
- Precitic ProCutter Auto Focus Cutting Head
- Automatic Gas Console (Change gas and pressure with the controller)
- Protective Laser Cover (Australian Requirement)
- Fume & Dust Collection Unit (8,000m3/hr)
- Machine Installation and Training
- Machine Delivery to Local Australian Metro Port
- O.E.M Support (not re-sellers)
- 1 Year Warranty on Machine (includes Farley Visits)
- 3 Year Warranty On Laser (Spare Parts)

*Upgrade to Farley Raycus 6.0kW FIber Laser = $419,990.00 + GST
*Upgrade to Farley Raycus 12.0kW Fiber Laser = $599,990.00 + GST

Farley LaserLab again is still supporting Australian manufacturing with our new QuikEdge Plasma Machine, our Truedge 2 Machine built locally for an Australian School, and now with the introduction of the Australian ANCA CNC Controller, so why everyone big and small is manufacturing in China we can at least support the Australian Industry with the Australian ANCA CNC Controller, which also provides that extra layer of support for Australian customers that you do not get elsewhere.

3.3kW Farley Raycus Laser (Farley LaserLab owned)
- Mild Steel > up to 20mm
- Stainless Steel > up to 10mm
- Aluminum > up to 10mm

6.0kW Raycus Laser (Farley LaserLab owned)
- Mild Steel > up to 25mm
- Stainless Steel > up to 16mm
- Aluminum > up to 12mm

12.0kW Raycus Laser (Farley LaserLab owned)
- Mild Steel > up to 40mm
- Stainless Steel > up to 40mm
- Aluminum > up to 40mm

Benefit of Australian Made ANCA Controller and Drives
- Australian Manufacturing Quality
- Local Support
- Industrial Based Controller (for heavy production)
- Easy to Use (key benefit)
- Local Spare Parts
- Support from Farley Australian Team, and ANCA Australian Team

Difference between O.E.M Support and Re-sellers
- Real understanding of spare parts and who supplies them
(not having to go back to the the re-seller and waiting for their responses
- Real support for each component, and no blame game from Re-seller to real O.E.M
(imagine if the overseas O.E.M does not want to help?)
- Stocked Spare Parts
- We are not agents who sell different brands of the same machine every year - we sell our brand and that is all - so you know you will have support for the lifetime of the machine.
- Talk to real engineers, not salesman when in need.

Farley Australian Spare Parts - Providing Real Help when in need
- Stocking of 1.5kW Farley Raycus Fiber Laser (in case of breakdowns)
- Stocking of Fiber Laser Cable (in case of breakdowns)
- Stocking of Fiber Laser Cutting Head (in case of breakdowns)
- Stocking of All spare parts and consumables

So if you are after your next job shop high powered laser machine and do not trust the many re-seller's that cannot provide support, consider the Farley LaserLab Marvel Fiber Laser Machine with the Australian ANCA CNC Controller.

Ask us to go see a machine in action

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