EcoSHAPE Fiber Laser Machine


Farley EcoSHAPE 1.0kW Fiber Laser Machine Special


*Do not let re-sellers lie to you and say that you do not need a cover just because they can not supply one, Fiber Lasers are Category / Class 4 Lasers so do your research and protect your workers and business and make sure every machine gives you the protection needed for your factory.

The EcoSHAPE Fiber Laser Machine is the budget fiber laser machine the light cutting and hvac industry has been after. Now comparable to plasma machines though with a much higher quality finish.

So why buy off a re-seller, who has never sold a laser before and you know who will struggle to get anything fixed for you, when you can deal with a Team who has been selling, manufacturing and servicing industrial plasma & laser machines for 30+ Years?


- Farley EcoSHAPE Fiber Laser Machine
- Table 1.5m x 3.0m Cutting Area
- Extra Back Side Opening Designed to Fit De-Coiling Sheetmetal Rolls
- 1000W Farley Fiber Laser Source -
- Farley Raytools Laser Cutting Head
- Laser Water Chiller Unit
- CYPCUT CNC Controller
- CYPNEST Auto Nesting Software
- Panasonic Digital Drives & Motors
- Linear Rails & Gear Racks
- Delivery to Customers Site - Australian Metro Areas (unloading by customer)
- Farley Commissioning and Training

Machine Upgrades Available:

- Upgrade to OHS Cover: $6,000.00 + GST

- Upgrade to 1.5kW Raycus Fiber Laser: $10,000.00 + GST
- Upgrade to 2.0W Raycus Fiber Laser: $20,000.00 + GST

- Upgrade to 1.5m x 4.0m Cutting Area: $10,000.00 + GST (includes cover)
- Upgrade to 1.5m x 6.0m Cutting Area: $25,000.00 + GST (includes cover)
- Upgrade to Transfer/Exchange Table: $30,000.00 + GST

500W Fiber Laser
- 6mm Mild Steel
- 2mm Stainless Steel
- 1.5mm Aluminium

750W Fiber Laser
- 8mm Mild Steel
- 3mm Stainless Steel
- 2mm Aluminium

1000W Fiber Laser
- 10mm Mild Steel
- 4mm Stainless Steel
- 3mm Aluminium

1500W Fiber Laser
- 12mm Mild Steel
- 5mm Stainless Steel
- 5mm Aluminium

*Ideal for workshop looking to stop waiting 2 weeks for outsourced parts and bring everything in house for quick and cheaper turnarounds.

Farley LaserLab's EcoSHAPE CNC fiber laser cutting machine is the latest in low cost, low maintenance laser machines that Farley has introduced to the Australian Market.

Now with an even more affordable price it means anyone can now start using the latest technologies for their business big and small.

Difference between O.E.M Support and Re-sellers:

- Real understanding of spare parts and who supplies them
(not having to go back to the the re-seller and waiting for their responses from the real O.E.M)
- Real support for each component, and no blame game from Re-seller to real O.E.M
(imagine if the overseas O.E.M does not want to help?)
- Stocked Spare Parts
- Talk to real engineers, not salesman when in need.

Farley Australian Spare Parts - Providing Real Help when in need:

- Stocking of 1.0kW Farley Raycus Fiber Laser (in case of breakdowns)
- Stocking of Fiber Laser Cable (in case of breakdowns)
- Stocking of Fiber Laser Cutting Head (in case of breakdowns)
- Stocking of All spare parts and consumables

Why it is better than the other machines on the market at similar prices:

1. Australian O.E.M Support - 30+ Years in the industry
2. Australian Spare parts - including spare laser source
3. Australian Official License to Repair Farley Raycus Fiber Laser Source - (Most companies are not allowed to access the laser - just ask them)
4. Pay machine when in Australian Port not before it leaves China (improve cash flow)

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