EcoSHAPE Plasma Machine (Budget)


Farley EcoSHAPE Table Plasma Cutting Machine


Are you looking for a basic machine to do some in house cutting for your workshop? Do you need to spend $70,000+ to do so, or even $40,000+ ??

Why spend $40,000 for a basic entry level machine when you can buy the same basic machine for under $20,000? Fully covered and protected, Water Table, Hypertherm Plasma, AutoNesting Software, Digital Servo Drives & Motors, Planetary Gearboxes, Fully supported, Service Team?

Also you have real machine options that will actually add real value to your company!

- CNC Plasma Cutting
- CNC Oxy Cutting
- CNC Rotary Pipe Cutting
- New* CNC Drilling
- Plasma Marking - Hypertherm specialty with over 10m/min machine speed
- Increased Cutting Lengths - up to 6.0m Cutting

Real advantages of buying from HG Farley LaserLab an O.E.M machine manufacturer over re-sellers?

1. Machine assembled, tested, trained in Melbourne Factory - (not sent direct incomplete to customer)
2. You give the tick of approval of the machine in Melbourne prior to shipment & payment to make sure you get everything you asked for. (instead of paying complete price and then getting something different or a machine that does not work)
3. Australian wiring suitable for Australian market, so not direct from China untouched and dangerous.
4. Engineered solutions, so you are dealing with engineers and technician with 30+ years of knowledge, not just sales people.
5. Full spare parts warehouse, so you do not need to wait a month for spare parts to arrive
6. Hypertherm O.E.M channel partner, so best priced consumables and plasma's purchased direct from the USA Hypertherm so you get the full plasma warranty from Farley Australia & Hypertherm not needing to return it to China for warranty concerns.
7. BEST OF ALL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if machine does not meet your approval when training in Farley Sunshine VIC workshop.

So why go elsewhere? Only you can answer that question?


- Farley EcoShape Machine

- Hypertherm PowerMax 45XP Plasma - Great Quality Marking
- Water Cutting Table 1.5m x 3.0m - (important to reduce plasma cutting fumes for workshop)
- Heavy Duty Linear Rail Machine
- CNC Cutting Controller - 10 inch Screen
- Automatic Height Lifter
- Dual Side Panasonic Servo Drives & Motors (important for smooth quality cutting and increased machine speed)
- Planetary Gearboxes (important for smooth quality cutting)
- FastCAM Auto Nesting Software
- Protection Bellows
- 1 Year Melbourne Australia Warranty

*Upgrade to Hypertherm PM65 = $21,990.00 + GST

*Upgrade to Hypertherm PM85 = $22,990.00 + GST

*Upgrade to Hypertherm PM105 = $25,990.00 + GST

*Upgrade to Hypertherm PM125 = $27,990.00 + GST


- UPGRADE Hypertherm PRONEST LT 2019 CAM Software = $2,500.00 + GST
- CHS Rotary Pipe Attachment with Software (50mm - 300mm) = $6,000.00 + GST
- CNC Oxy Cutting Torch with Lifter - up to 50mm = $2,500.00 + GST
- NEW* CNC Spot Drilling up to 12mm Diameter Holes = $10,000.00 + GST
- UPGRADE to 15.0 inch CNC Controller with Remote = $1,500.00 + GST
- NEW* Sullair Air Compressor with Dryer & Filters Package = $6,100.00 + GST

The EcoSHAPE CNC Table Plasma Cutting Machine introduces
the optimum in low cost, high value machinery into the Australian market for companies looking into entering the CNC industry.

The EcoSHAPE machine has been engineered to suit the demands in our industry for
low cost plasma cutting while still providing Hypertherm’s
Standard of Air Plasma Cutting.

Designed to provide companies in the need for a quality light /
medium duty plasma machine at a low cost.

EcoSHAPE Advantages:

The EcoSHAPE machine is designed to give you an edge over
your competition such as:

> Low Cost Affordable Machine

> High Quality Air Plasma Cutting up to Hypertherm PowerMax 125 (Comparable to more expensive machine)

> High Precision Cutting Quality
(Achieved with AC Servo Motors and Planetary Gearboxes - which is better and more expensive then stepper motors)

> ARM Based CNC Controller for easy operation / integration with Latest AutoDesk CAMDUCT Software

> Automatic Torch Height Controller for higher quality cutting (so will follow your uneven plates)

> Industrial Plasma Table - Dry or Water Table Option
(up to 25mm Plate across the table)

> Automatic CAM Software Nesting for easy operation (with important auto nesting)

> Farley LaserLab Australia Installation, Service & Warranty
(Less downtime on your machine)

> Farley LaserLab Australia Spare Parts & Consumables
(Less downtime on your machine)

Farley LaserLab Australia’s Support

Farley LaserLab Australia will provide all the support required on
the EcoSHAPE Table Machine, so instead of having to deal with
overseas companies or just resellers, you can deal with experts
in the industry with a dedicated service team for easy operations.


Profiling Speed: up to 10,000mm/min
Accuracy on axis: +/- 0.20mm
Repeatability: +/- 0.20mm
Cutting Widths: 1.5m
Cutting Lengths: up to 6.0m
Material Thickness: 0.5mm to 25mm
Rapid Traverse Speed: up to 15m/min
Servo Motors: Panasonic AC Servo
Gearboxes: Planetary Gearboxes
Rails: Dual Sided Machine
Drive System: Rack & Pinion
CNC Controller: Arm Based CNC Controller
Communication: USB
Plasma Source: Hypertherm PowerMax Range
Height Controller: Auto Arc Voltage Height
CAM Software: FASTCAM Auto Nesting CAM Software / Optional HYPERTHERM PRONEST LT Software