NEW 2D / 3D Blue Laser Scanner scanCONTROL BL series

By Bestech Australia

The innovative aspect of these sensors is their use of a short wavelength of 405 nm. The special characteristics of this wavelength range enable the sensors to be used in conditions where measurements have not been practicable to date.

The scanCONTROL 26xx/BL and 29xx/BL blue laser profile scanners ordered from Bestech Australia are ideal for the following applications and materials:
-    Red-hot glowing metals: The red glow normally “dazzles” red profile scanners, but blue scanners are unaffected.
-    (Semi-) transparent materials: Due to the short wavelength, the blue laser line penetrates significantly less into the surface than the red laser.
-    Organic materials: Slight penetration behaviour of blue laser results in higher measurement accuracy.

With a measuring rate up to 2,560,000 points/sec, the blue laser scanner is the perfect choice for both static and dynamic measurement tasks. The compact designed sensors offer a profile frequency of 200Hz and act as high speed profile data provider and allow 3D applications. The scanner power can be supplied via Ethernet or a multi-function port (also for data output, switching between parameters, triggering input or synchronizing several profile scanners). There are flexible value outputs such as Ethernet (UDP, Modbus), Serial RS422 (ASCII, MODBUS) with output unit as analogue signals or digital switch signal.


The SMART scanCONTROL2610/BL and 2910/BL offer a Plug & Play solution with integrated controller for simple to complex measurement applications. Blue laser profile scanner is particularly suitable for measurements on transparent surfaces and on red-glowing metals. It provides high precision results even on organic materials such as wood and skin!