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PCS 1500 Profile Cutting Machine

By Profile Cutting Systems

Key Features of PCS 1500 Profile Cutting Machine:
Specifications - PCS1500

Tracing Range
Width 1500mm minimum
Length 1000mm minimum
Cutting Range
Stripping Width 2100mm
Length 2500mm
Number of Torches 2 (Maximum of 4)
Cutting Thickness Capacity
200mm with 1 Torch
150mm with 2 Torches
100mm with 3 Torches
50mm with 4 Torches
Cutting Surface Shape Square Cutting (I-shape)
Straight Line Cutting Possible when four direction switch is used without energising tracer head, machine will strip, (parallel out) in any of the four pre-selected directions.
Automatic Lead-in Possible in four directions
Cutting Speed 100 ~ 3000mm/min
Tracer System Linatrol HL-83A Tracing System
Drive Co-Ordinate drive by X and Y drive motors
Tracing Circle Scanning Edge Tracing
Line Width 0.6mm and wider. Silhouette drawing is permissible.
Kerf Compensation +/- 1.5mm
Tracing Accuracy +/- 0.15mm deviation from edge of line on straight line.
Position of Control Assembly Left side of machine when facing it
Travel of the Machine Roller friction travel controlled by DC servo motor with reduction gear.
Cutting Oxygen ON/OFF operations are performed by solenoid valves.
Cutting Oxygen Emergency Shut-off Solenoid Valve Works on any emergency, linking with tracer.
Power Source Single Phase, AC 110 / 240 Volts 50Hz / 60Hz.