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Medium Duty Profile Cutting Machines - PCS-LS Series

By Profile Cutting Systems

The PCS-LS range is a full portal design machine: the plates to be cut are place in between the rails.

The machine carriage is of all welded construction with a transverse box beam section and heavy duty modular side supports which run on rail surfaces lower than the cutting table.

The main longitudinal drive wheels are mounted on the precision machined side rail. A motorised carriage drives a steel band for the transverse movement of the slave carriage/s.

Key Benefits of Medium Duty Profile Cutting Machines - PCS-LS Series:

Configuration of Medium Duty Profile Cutting Machines - PCS-LS Series:

Effective Cutting Width 2.5 ~ 4.0M
Effective Cutting Length -1200mm from total rail length
Torch Carriages Up to 6
Performance of Medium Duty Profile Cutting Machines - PCS-LS Series:

Profiling Speed up to 6M/min
Traverse Speed up to 6M/min
Machine Accuracy (on axis) .05mm*
Repeatability .05mm*
* subject to material consistency and temperature stability

Cutting Thickness Capacity of Medium Duty Profile Cutting Machines - PCS-LS Series:

Single Torch Up to 250mm (10")
2 Torches Up to 200mm (8")
3 Torches Up to 150mm (6")
4 Torches Up to 100mm (4")
5 Torches Up to 50mm (2")
6 Torches Up to 40mm (1.5")
Drive System of Medium Duty Profile Cutting Machines - PCS-LS Series:

Longitudinal Axis Dual 1.2Nm motors, integrated with custom built grease filled precision gearboxes combined with constant torque rack loading.
Transverse Single 1.2Nm motor, as above.
Bearings Precision bearings on all axis.
Cnc Control, as shown above

ANCA Platemaster CNC ( Most ecconomical )

CPU 16 Bit
RAM 210Kb (battery backup)
PLC External Omron CH200.
Monitor 9" Mono graphics display.
Programming Standard shapes; Nested subroutines; Tool position offsets; Program rotation.
System Fibre optic DNC; RS232 facility; on screen machine diagnostics.
Alternative Cnc Controllers

Burny 2.5 Plus 256K non volatile memory. 53 pre-programmed shapes.
Burny 10LCDPlus ( Most recommended Latest release full PC based Cnc control
Rail System

Fabricated rails and supports which bolt directly to the concrete slab, the heads of which are welded with racks bolted to the surface below the running surface for protection against accidental damage.