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Precision Plasma Quality at Conventional Plasma Pricing
Introducing the latest in plasma cutting technology, the ProLine 2200! The new ProLine 2200 is a full-function, precision, 200 amp high current density plasma system that combines precise, square, and dross-free cuts with excellent speeds.

Here's what a recent customer had to say about the ProLine 2200:

"During our evaluation, we received multiple precision high density plasma cut samples from each of 12 cutting machine builders. Without exception, the best samples we received relative to cut edge quality were produced on the 5 platforms which utilized an InnerLogic plasma.

The recommendation to purchase an InnerLogic equipped cutting machine was based primarily on the cut quality we observed on over 250 samples; but competitive plasma price, superior cut speed, projected consumables life, and the 3 year power supply warranty were also major considerations."

If you are facing a high-quality, heavy-duty job without a heavy-duty budget, the ProLine 2200 is your answer. The system offers all of the benefits of precision, high current density plasma at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

The ProLine 2200 has a 100% duty cycle and is capable of production cutting gauge thicknesses through 1" thick materials and has a maximum cutting capacity of 2" thick material. You can also use the system for plasma marking!

The ProLine 2200 is equipped with manual controls so you can tailor all of the cutting parameters to your specifications. Optionally, our patented Inova torch height control system can be built into the ProLine 2200, greatly simplifying installation.

More Power

If you're facing a heavy-duty job, the ProLine 2200 offers more than double the cut capacity of a 100 amp system. Cut 1" mild steel at 50 inches per minute! With consumable arrangements optimized for many different cutting currents and material types, you get squarer edges and clean, consistent parts.

Make the Smart Choice

When you buy the ProLine 2200, you're getting the most affordable 200 amp precision plasma cutting system in the industry with the reliability, precision, and performance you'd expect from InnerLogic.

The ProLine 2200 comes with an unrivaled 3-year warranty on the power supply and 1-year warranty on the torch. Contact us for a cut sample! Finally, choosing a precision plasma cutting system is a no-brainer!

ProLine 2200 Specifications

ProLine 2200 Power Supply

Advanced technology, high efficiency chopper-stabilized current output
600 ampere IGBT chopper transistor for high reliability
Current overshoot reduction circuitry for longer electrode and nozzle life
Very low transferred arc current sensing for higher starting height and longer nozzle shield life
Fast switch transferred arc for extended nozzle life
200 ampere capacity
100% duty cycle
1.5 GPM recirculating deionized water for torch cooling
0.4 amps peak-peak output current ripple
3-phase input - 41.4KVA @ 208, 230, 380, 415, 460, and 575 VAC
ProLine 2200 Torch

200 amperes
100% duty cycle
Dual gas
Water cooled
Built-in initial height sensing capability - no exposed wires to get damaged
Extended-life, low-cost consumables
ProLine 2200 Gas Console

Easy to operate
Pressure readouts for all gas inlets and outlets
Fewer components
Built in Inova torch height control (optional)