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Clean Cuts Are Automatic With the FineLine 100PC
Clean, smooth edges. Tight tolerances. Speed. Consistency. They're what you get with the FineLine 100PC precision plasma cutting system. We've even given it a brain. With the pc-based automatic gas control (AGC), you simply tell the FineLine system what material type and thickness you want to cut or plasma mark and the rest is automatic.

The AGC selects the correct preflow, plasma, and shield gas types to use and automatically sets their pressures to the correct value. It helps you ensure optimum cut quality by advising you what cutting speed and arc voltage to use.

It even displays a pictorial view of the torch parts, along with their part numbers, required to make the cut. The AGC also has an extensive torch consumable lifetime tracking feature. It points out specific errors that cause short consumable life.

To aid in troubleshooting, the AGC displays the machine sequencing in plain English. Even if you've never used plasma, you'll find it's straight-forward and easy to learn. You get a plasma system with 100% duty cycle, narrower kerf, less dross, and more cuts. The FineLine 100PC cuts materials from gauge to 3/4" thick and can also be used for plasma marking.

Less is More

The FineLine 100PC precision plasma cutting system gives you less. Less dross, less material loss, and 25% less expense for torch consumables. It also gives you more.

A 100 ampere high density, water cooled plasma torch produces a narrower kerf, smaller diameter holes, and more intricate cuts. In addition, the FineLine 100PC has a 100% duty cycle, which means you won't lose time between cuts.

The power supply and torch can run continuously without shutting down or overheating. We've also designed the power supply for easy installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Make the Smart Choice

When you buy the FineLine 100PC, you're getting the most advanced 100 amp precision plasma cutting system in the industry with the reliability, precision, and performance you'd expect from InnerLogic.

The FineLine 100PC comes with an unrivaled 3-year warranty on the power supply and 1-year warranty on the torch. Contact us for a cut sample! Finally, choosing a precision plasma cutting system is a no-brainer!

FineLine 100PC Specifications

FineLine 100PC Power Supply

Advanced technology, high efficiency chopper-stabilized current output
300 ampere IGBT chopper transistor for high reliability
Current overshoot reduction circuitry for longer electrode and nozzle life
Very low transferred arc current sensing for higher starting height and longer nozzle shield life
Fast switch transferred arc for extended nozzle life
100 ampere capacity
100% duty cycle
1.5 GPM recirculating deionized water for torch cooling
0.4 amps peak-peak output current ripple
3-phase input - 16.7KVA @ 208, 230, 380, 415, 460, and 575 VAC
FineLine 100PC Torch 100 amperes

100% duty cycle
Dual gas
Water cooled
Built-in initial height sensing capability - no exposed wires to get damaged
Extended-life, low-cost consumables
FineLine 100PC Automatic Gas Console

PC-104 computer controlled
VGA high-intensity display
Automatically sets all cutting conditions based on material type, material thickness, and process (cutting or marking)
Displays torch parts required for cutting the selected material type and thickness
Displays power supply and automatic gas console sequencing in plain English for easy troubleshooting
Communicates with the Inova torch height control system via RS-422 serial communication and automatically sets the correct pierce height, cutting height, and arc voltage
Fully programmable from a pc-based x/y cutting machine controller via RS-422 serial communication
Performs self diagnostics
Keeps a record of the number of cuts, number of cut errors, and the type of cut errors for the last six sets of consumables
Extends electrode life through a patented process
Software is easily updateable by 3.5" floppy disk