BURNY 10 LCD Shape-Cutting Motion Control

By Profile Cutting Systems

When you select the BURNY 10 LCD Shape-Cutting Motion Control, you are taking advantage of many of the same industry leading software features as with the advanced BURNY 10, only packaged in a compact and economical new platform.

The new BURNY 10 LCD incorporates advanced Windows-NTE technology and an easy-to- use touch-screen 12.1 inch liquid crystal display. To maximize shape-cutting, you will take advantage of optimized real-time motion control with VenturCom RTX, true simultaneous multitasking, and numerous other advanced shape- cutting features.

With respect to business system interface, the BURNY 10 LCD enables users to benefit from network/Internet connectivity, remote diagnostics, and more.

The BURNY 10 LCD also includes numerous standard features common to all BURNY Controllers for increasing productivity and for reducing costs. Included are help screens, the BURNY 50 shape library, part program graphic display, block nesting, the ability to create/edit shapes. . and more