Wireless Portable Thermal Printer O'Neil - microFlash 4t

By Insignia

insignia - The flagship of the microFlash Family is the 4t serial and wireless portable thermal printer.

This workhorse offers the most reliable performance available, printing outstanding quality 4" receipts, proofs of delivery, labels and invoices.

Small and lightweight, the 4t Wireless Portable Thermal Printer is simply the finest choice worldwide for route accounting, direct store delivery, field service, logistics, home delivery and pre-sales systems.

The 4t Wireless Portable Thermal Printer  prints direct thermal receipts and invoices, as well as linered and linerless labels.

Wireless Portable Thermal Printer O'Neil - microFlash 4t can also print a condensed 80-column font receipt, providing a lightweight portable alternative to larger or vehicle-bound 80-column printers.

Its reliable print mechanism offers outstanding print clarity, allowing the printing of graphics, bar codes and logos.

The 4t Wireless Portable Thermal Printer is engineered throughout to withstand even the most punishing portable applications, and is the only portable 4" printer that provides the durability required in the demanding field mobile environment.

Designed to take multiple 6’ drops to concrete, the unbreakable double walled polyethylene case protects your investment; taking all the bumps and knocks inherent in the mobile workplace.

The 4t Wireless Portable Thermal Printer’s rock solid print mechanism is proven to provide years of service where other printers fail. The full one year warranty, even on the printhead, offers peace of mind with our promise to stand behind every product we sell.

O’Neil’s 802.11b wireless local area network (WLAN) solutions incorporate a user-installable Cisco® or factory installed Symbol PCMCIA card connecting the 4t to your wireless network.

Our Bluetooth® module offers the convenience of a wireless personal area network (WPAN), eliminating the need for mobile workers to return to their vehicle to print receipts or tickets.

The 4t Wireless Portable Thermal Printer’s Lithium-Ion batteries offer maximum power capacity for a full 8-hour shift or longer, even under the toughest conditions.

Wireless Portable Thermal Printer O'Neil - microFlash 4t can print as many as 13,440", that’s almost 2,240 – 6" receipts, on a single battery charge.

Its automatic “sleep” mode saves power and the fast 4-hour recharging time, along with optional vehicle charger, provides an ideal solution for long and intense printing applications.