Wireless Portable Label Printer O'Neil - LP3

By Insignia

insignia - The LP3’s wireless capabilities allow retail environments to leverage their significant investment in existing infrastructures by offering a variety of wireless connectivity options.

The LP3 Portable Label Printer supports user installable PCMCIA 802.11b radio cards, as well as Bluetooth version 1.1 and 1.2 compliant modules.

The new LP3 3" wireless portable label printer from O’Neil delivers greater paper capacity, longer battery life and a range of wireless connectivity options for the retail and manufacturing marketplace.

The LP3 Portable Label Printer offers almost twice the paper capacity of any printer in its class. It prints from 1" to 3" label stock and can accommodate a wide variety of labels and paper, including the heavy stock necessary for hang tags and other specialty label needs.

The LP3 Portable Label Printer’s side-load design allows for the fastest and easiest paper loading of any printer on the market. Users simply slide the roll into the printer, pop on the end-cap, and the paper is loaded quickly and trouble-free.

The LP3 Portable Label Printer uses two standard 7.2V Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), 2200 mAh rechargeable batteries, providing twice the power capacity available from competitive printers and eliminates the need for constant recharging between applications and in the middle of shifts.

This is important for all applications and especially critical for battery-intensive wireless environments.

The electronics for quick charging in the LP3 Portable Label Printer are built-in to the printer, not the battery, eliminating the need to purchase a substantially higher-priced battery or recharging station.

The LP3 Portable Label Printer is engineered throughout to endure even the most punishing portable applications. It can take all the bumps and knocks inherent in the mobile workplace by withstanding multiple 4' drops to concrete.

Its rock solid print mechanism is proven to provide years of service where other printers fail.

The full one year warranty, even on the printhead, offers peace of mind with our proven promise to stand behind every product we sell.