Wide Web Box/Pallet Labelling- Mectec TT150

By Insignia

insignia - The TT150 is the ideal solution for large box or single side pallet labelling.

The TT150 Wide Web Box / Pallet Labelling Machine has the reliable, robust and easy to use design - as seen on all the Mectec family machines.

The TT150 Wide Web Box / Pallet Labelling Machine is proven to give you 24-hours reliable labelling for many years to come - even in the most harsh industrial environments.

Carton Labelling

Product Labelling

Side, Top, or Bottom labelling

Stationary object preferred

Accessories of Wide Web Box/Pallet Labelling - Mectec TT150:

TG300 Handheld terminal, Warning low-level media, Cabinets, Label check in the applicator pad, Flashlight/beacon, Check scanner, Fixed or adjustable stands.
Print Speed 275mm/sec
Print Resolution Up to 300 DPI
Max Print Length 210mm
Max Print Width 150mm
Tamp Size 150x210mm
Distance 0-360mm