Pallet Labelling

By Insignia

insignia - The application of Pallet Labels, during the production process is now seen as critical by all parties in the supply chain, for distribution and tracking of products.

Benefits of Pallet Labelling to a Manufacturer are:
Accurate Tracking and Traceability
Just In Time (JIT) Delivery Systems
Accurate Stock Picking, Stock Rotation and Reordering
Ability to track then recall batches quickly and easily
Reduces Manual entry and human error
Reduces turnaround and improves ‘first in first out’ systems

Unattended Pallet Labelling

For larger production lines and automated palletising systems, an unattended, fully integrated print and apply system provides your optimum pallet labelling solution.

The Next-Label-Out feature prints pallet specific labels ideal for when production lines merge. The unique Auto-Retract feature of the insignia Pallet Label Applicators compensates for varying distances between the Label Applicator and Pallet.

Manual Pallet Labelling

For Manufacturers with manual palletising operations, Thermal Transfer Printers provide the ideal option for Pallet Labelling. The Datamax I4208 is the recommended Thermal Printer for Pallet Labelling, and can print the recommended A6 Pallet Labels, incorporating a Serial Shipping Container Code (SCCC) as required by the grocery industry guidelines.