New eddy current-based sensor system turboSPEED DZ140 – fail-safe up to 285ºC

By Bestech Australia

turboSPEED DZ140 supplied from Bestech Australia is optimised for thin turbine blades made from aluminium or titanium. The system is thermally stable and very well protected from external interference.


The turboSPEED DZ140 sensor system imported by Bestech measures rotational speed of turbochargers in bench and field tests and is suitable for speed measurements of 200 to 400,000 rpm. It is just three millimetres in diameter, yet provides the highest immunity to interference in harsh test conditions. The integrated temperature measurement feature records – among other data – the actual ambient temperature near to the sensor. The turboSPEED DZ140 provides much higher immunity to interference than other eddy current-based revolution counters. The DZ 140 eddy-current measuring system is resistant to oil and dirt. The maximum operating temperature of the miniature sensor is 285°C, a key advantage of this eddy current system compared to optical speed measuring systems, as this helps to achieve high precision measurements on a continuous basis. The well-engineered design also enables easy sensor replacement without further adjustments.