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Wed Apr 24 2019

Multi-Purpose Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera NEC R300

By Applied Infrared Sensing

This new infrared thermal imaging camera from NEC “InfRec R300” is a brand-new, multipurpose, high-definition & high- performance model for Research and Development, predictive & preventive maintenance, quality control and other research and industrial applications.

The camera incorporates the latest advanced infrared sensor technology and features:

    High image quality and high resolution;
    Simultaneous video capture of thermal and visible images on PC via USB 2.0;
    Various recording modes including panoramic and video;
    Ergonomic handheld camera design which allow easy image capture at any angle using included View Finder;
    Multi-angle tilting colour LCD display;
    Various temperature measuring features;
    Panoramic thermal images, etc.

Applications — building inspections, power equipment diagnostics, R&D, PPM, etc.