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Sat Jun 15 2019

HydroSense Soil Moisture System

By Campbell Scientific Australia

The HydroSense Soil Moisture System provides instant, accurate soil water content measurements in one complete portable package.  Combining a easy to use, hand-held display and robust soil water sensing probe, our HydroSense can be used wherever there is a need for monitoring and managing soil water in a wide range of conditions.

Measurements are obtained by inserting the probe rods into the soil and pressing a single button on the display unit, providing almost instantaneous readings. Users choose between two modes of operations – either displaying the actual volumetric water content in percentage OR relative water content based on lower and upper values set before use.

A choice of 12- or 20-cm long probe rods makes HydroSense the perfect tool for all soil moisture applications, including - sports fields, race courses, golf courses, parks & forests, plant nurseries, school grounds - and many more....

Features of HydroSense® Soil Moisture System - CS620:
• The HydroSense® is a portable water content system comprised of:
o CD620 Hydrosensense Display
o CS620 Water Content Sensor
o Two probe rods 12 or 20 cm in length
• Uses time-domain reflectometry measurement technique
• Extra rods are available for replacement or varied depth measurement