HT100 Hand Tachometer from Veederline

By Veederline Pty. Ltd.

The HT100 Hand-Held Rate and Time Indicator's display provides a highly visible reading, even in dim light or at indirect viewing angles.

Application / function:
When used as a non-contact indicator, a marker (reflective tape, supplied) is placed on the shaft, or other target that is to be measured. The HT100 is then simply pointed at the marker to read rate-per-minute, seconds-per-event, or counts. An in-contact adaptor is provided that allows display of linear feet or meters per minute, RPM, or counts.

The HT100 system is packaged in a rugged carrying case. A generous supply of reflective tape is included.

Features and benefits:

  • Complete kit - includes Hand Tachometer, in-contact adaptor, carrying case, and reflective tape.
  • Microprocessor circuit allows switch selection of rate, time, or counting modes.
  • High contrast LED display can be easily seen in dim or shadowed lighting conditions.
  • Measures speeds from 3 rpm to 99,999 rpm.
  • Fixed or floating decimal point operation.
  • Automatic shut-off with display memory recall.
  • Up to eight hours operating time from set of standard AA cells.
  • Target-detect, and battery-low indicators.
  • Lightweight yet rugged design, fits comfortably in hand.
  • Optional plug-in pickup allows remote or fixed mount sensing.
  • Large, red LED display is easy to see from any angle
  • Instantly switches between speed, time interval, or count measurements HT100 Hand Tachometer is available from Veederline.