Custom Weather Station

By Campbell Scientific Australia

Customising a weather station to suit your needs is ideal for users who require specific sensors/measurements or want the option to expand the stations capabilities in years to come.
We offer the individual equipment required to build a complete weather station, allowing you to choose the design, sensor configuration & degree of accuracy required for your weather application.

Whether this is your first weather station assembly, or you manage a weather data network, we can help you select the right components for your station from the base structure through to calculating the required power allowance.

•    Choose either a tower or a tripod depending on whether you want a permanent or transferable station.
•    Select only the sensors that you need – with the freedom to expand in later years.
•    Choose a data logger suited to your sensor selection
•    Data retrieval methods can be chosen based on your location & budget, including direct connect, radio, cellphone, ethernet and many more..


For detailed specifications, contact our office or see individual product pages. The components of a weather station are:
•    Tripod or Tower - provides a sturdy mounting platform
•    Data Logger - controls the system
•    Sensors - measure the parameters you need
•    Software - enables you to set up your system
•    Data storage - extends the memory of your data logger
•    Data retrieval - peripherals reduce site visits
•    Peripherals - extend the functionality of the data logger
•    Power Supply - powers the system